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{January 8, 2007}   Make your own set of fake breasts

One of the first thing many beginning T-Girls always want to know is how to get great fakes breasts. So I will explain to you the one method that I use. As I have yet to go out into public en femme do to some reasons. Mainly I have yet to get some makeup and a good wig to wear out, or anyone to go out with. I have yet to use a makeup/push up technique. The technique I use requires a few ingredients. You will need 4 balloons, preferable ones that match your skin tone or as close to as you can. The next part you will need is one of these two things some bird seed or rice. I used bird seed as it was the easiest thing I had at the time. The last thing you will need is a funnel.

The first step is to blow up all your balloons making sure to stretch them out pretty well. Once you have done that. you will want to take two of the balloons and insert one into the other keeping both open ends at same side. Now do the same for the other two balloons. What this provides is a smother less likely to break breast. Now take you funnel and place the open end of each of your balloons around the end of the funnel. Making sure to get both the outer and inner balloons on there. Now you might want to measure out two equal shares of rice or seed to about the size of breasts you are wanting to have. Keep in mind this approach only works best with an A or B cup. Any bigger and they will start to look fake more fake. I personally went for a B cup as an A cup is pretty small, and I wanted to actually feel that I had breasts. Now take your equal shares of rice or seed and poor them into each balloon set. There is really no technique to getting the rice or seed in the breast. Just make sure you get it all into there. Other wise you might have lop sided breasts. Once you have them full tie of the end of each balloon. When you do this keep the ends of the inner balloon at the same point as the outer balloon. This will help to give you an effect of having nipples.

If you have completed everything correct you should now have two nicely sized breasts. Now just put on your favorite bra and put them babies in. One thing I like to do it to take the extra skin that you have over your pecks and push it up as far as I can to better give myself the fill of having cleavage.

Please keep in mind this is not the only approach there is to having breasts of your own, but it seems to be the easiest and the less messiest for someone just coming out. By no means you I recommend this method if you know you will be engaging in sexual activities while en femme. As it might ruin the mood. For times like that you may wish to use the more complex makeup approach, or if you have money you may just wish to go out and buy yourself a nice set of strap on breasts. As I don’t have that much money to do that. This works well for me.

I will hopeful manage to learn the wonders of makeup and how to better create the illusion of having breast, but tell that day come this is what I got.


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